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Lems: Flipping the Perception of how Shoes should Fit and Feel

In a world constantly surrounded by clutter and stuff, the idea of minimalism has notched itself in many industries, including footwear. The concept of minimal footwear has been around for some time now and has undergone many evolutions. Lems, a company out of Boulder, CO, has changed people’s perceptions by marrying lightweight minimalism with great style. With the incorporation of a flexible outsole, zero drop platform, and a wide toe box, your feet will instantly sigh in relief with a lack of pressure points and the barefoot simulation. With the incorporation of unique styling elements, it is appropriate for all walks in life including athletic, casual, and dress styles.


What is specifically drawing so many people to the wide toe box and zero drop platform? In short, your toes will spread happily with every step, while stimulating each foot’s neuromuscular system, and your heels will sink back into a natural position for better body alignment. Also, we have seen many customers who have bunions be pleasantly surprised by Lems!


Sounds great, right? Personally, I have experienced the benefits of minimalist shoes and have worked with many customers who vouch minimalist shoes have changed their lives. Due to the shoe’s flexibility, Lems aid in strengthening the foot and the stabilizer muscles around the ankle and knee; these biomechanical changes can reduce future structural problems with the body. Their key to success is in designing a shoe that does not inhibit the natural functions of our feet. 

Despite their many benefits, it is important to remember that Lems are not a panacea. In some cases, Lems do not provide enough support or cushion. Some buyers need more support and structure in a shoe, and that can be for a variety of reasons, including standing for long periods of time, walking long distances on hard surfaces, or pre-existing conditions, to name a few. Also, by simulating being barefoot, one can possibly overstress the facia on the bottom of the foot, leading to plantar fasciitis. We always recommend transitioning gradually into Lems, alternating Lems with other shoes for a couple of weeks to months. If you have a pre-existing foot condition, please consult your doctor before making the switch to Lems.

We stock a wide variety of Lems at each of our Colorado Stores and on our website. The Primal is ideal for a more active shoe, some people run and hike in them, but most of our customers just find them perfect for everyday wear. The Boulder Boot has a great classic look and helps to keep your ankles warm in the winter. The Nine2Five is Lem's solution to a dress shoe. The Trailhead is Lem's newest release, it has a great mountain casual look. Do note, the Trailhead has a bit more cushioning and structure. It also doesn't fit quite as wide in the toes as the rest of the options.


Lems are all unisex and mostly come in European Sizes (the new Trailhead Collection is sized in American whole and half sizes). Come in and try on a pair! If you don't live close by, feel free to give us a call, our sales associates are all very familiar with this brand!